The OSM Advantage



World-Class Faculty


Harvard, MIT Sloan, Wharton, NUS, HEC, ESCP, … Your module instructors teach and research at the very best business schools worldwide. Several of your instructors are also experienced practitioners who have expertise as managers, entrepreneurs, and consultants.



Customized Curriculum


Millions of uniquely customized curricula can be implemented at OSM. The extremely wide range of elective modules allows you to compile your tailor-made curriculum to fit your individual needs and career goals.



Flexible Schedule


You can study and take your exams at any time and wherever you are. You have full control over your learning schedule. The course takes between three and 24 months depending on how much time you can spend on your studies.



Cutting-Edge Learning Experience


Inspirational modules with clear learning objectives, illustrating examples, and practical exercises—as well as realistic business cases are always targeting at your learning success and a straightforward theory-practice transfer to bridge the knowing-doing gap.



Support on demand


In your online studies, you're not alone. Rather, there are lots of ways of exchange. You can ask your tutors questions at any time, attend online colloquia and connect and discuss with your fellow students.



Truly International


With students, instructors, and tutors from numerous nationalities from all over the world, Open School of Management is a truly international management school.