The Healthcare Sector: Facts & Figures


The healthcare markets are big and growing in most countries of the world. People become older thanks to medical progress.

The following facts and figures protrait the US market as an example:

There are about 315,000 people working in positions of the healthcare management field, as of 2015. Average salary in the field was $84,270 in 2010, but had jumped to nearly $93,000 in 2014, according to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). In 2015, the growth curve for salaries continued with healthcare managers earning an average of about $106,000. If you perform well in the field, there are many ways to develop your career path for a healthy salary of well over $100,000.

California, New York, Texas, Ohio and Illinois are the states with the most employed healthcare managers. In those states, average salary ranged from $97,000 per year in Ohio to New York's $128,500. Top paying locations in the U.S. for these employees include Washington, DC, New York, Connecticut, California and Alaska. Healthcare managers average about $137,000 per year in the nation's capital. New York, Connecticut and California averages are between $123,000 and $128,500. Alaskan healthcare managers earn about $120,000. Senior healthcare managers often earn over $200,000.

Within healthcare management, you will possess education, skills and talent that can afford the opportunity for you to live and work where you want.

Again: This is just one example. Healthcare is an international market.