Module MH040

Talent Management


Learning objectives

After you have studied this module, you will be able to:

  • know what makes talent management relevant
  • distinguish what companies expect from talent and what talent expects from companies
  • talk about the talent management process cycle
  • see the different ways of talent to develop
  • be aware what factors make talent management ineffective

Chapter 1: Definition
1.1 Talent
1.2 Talent Management

Chapter 2: Relevance

Chapter 3: Expectations
3.1 What Companies expect from Talent
3.2 What Talent expects from Employers

Chapter 4: The Talent Management Process Cycle
4.1 Recruiting
4.2 Retaining
4.3 Developing
4.4 Transition

Chapter 5: Talent Development
5.1 Individual Development Plans
5.2 External Opportunities
5.3 Eliminate Barriers
5.4 Commit to Resources
5.5 Establish Performance Benchmarks
5.6 Constructive Feedback
5.7 Professional Networks
5.8 Be an Example
5.9 Options for internal and external Employee Development
5.10 How to encourage continued learning
5.11 Differences between Talent Development and HR Development Programs

Chapter 6: Talent Retention
6.1 How Companies can retain talented Employees

Chapter 7: Factors that make a Talent Management System ineffective

Chapter 8: Conclusion

Workload units 1
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