Students' Opinions


"The learning concept of Open School of Management is ideal for me as a professional. I can study the individual modules  after work and on weekends. When I went on my last vacation, I took two modules and worked through them at the beach ;). If I have to work overtime, I won't miss anything at OSM because I determine myself when I want to study."

M. S.


"The module books are written by notable professors from around the world. They provide you with an excellent balance between theory and practice in order to meet the needs of a demanding management training. Because you can only make decisions in practical business life if you understand their complex relationships."

A. D.


"Particularly impressive are the first-class professors from renowned business schools of various continents."

N. R.


"The learning materials are put together very application-oriented and compact. Even with the assignments, I am pleased because of the good mix of task types. The corrections were always fast, concise and helpful."

B. O.


"I liked the case studies the most. After I completed the other course modules, I could apply all my new knowledge holistically on a case. I think it's good that the Open School of Management has so many different industries to offer. So you're not just practicing more, but you're also positioned more broadly to work in several different areas of management."

W. K.


"The support given by the tutors is truly excellent. They're always very friendly and helpful and can explain complicated issues in different ways. I don't know an equally great student-friendly educational system from any other schools."

T. M.


"I would like to particularly point out the friendly nature, the service-orientation and the organizational skills of the Students Office. The communication was always very prompt, courteous and result-oriented. Whatever concerns I had, I was always given an immediate solution. And finally, the relatively low tuition fees was also a good reason for me to decide on this course."

B. G.


"The management program at OSM gets an A +, because I am completely satisfied with the course content, the teaching method and the service. I would decide to do this course again in a heartbeat."

S. I.


"I have already recommended the school and will continue to do so. I am very convinced of the study concept, the whole process and the team at OSM."

P. M.


"I am very enthusiastic about the course and I found my time spent at OSM very rewarding. The module selection is very large. My knowledge was enhanced and my career has been enriched."

R. U.


"I previously worked in HR accounting and wanted to take the next career step into HR Management. Thanks to the in-depth training at the Open School of Management, I was able to realize this in a short time. Thanks to the OSM team for the insightful and enjoyable experience! I can recommend this program unrestrictedly."

M. W. E.


"Looking back, I can say that I learned an awful lot about Marketing and Communications at the Open School of Management, and I was able to use this during my studies in practice. I'll certainly be recommending the school to friends and peers."

D. G.


"Thanks to this management program, I got a job in human resources management at a major corporation. I am really pleased and can inform you that the training is a ticket into the professional realm of human resource management."

V. E.



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Students' Blogs


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