State Authorization


The Open School of Management (OSM) has its headquarters in the Federal Republic of Germany. OSM made the deliberate decision to have the legal domicile in Germany, because, to our knowledge, Germany has the strictest legal standards for distance education worldwide and thus assures the highest quality.

According to the Act on Protection of Distance Students (FernUSG), all distance and online courses have to be assessed and verified by the State Central Agency of Distance Education (ZFU) before they are state-authorized.

The ZFU was set up by the State Contract on Distance Education from February 16th, 1978, last amended on December 4th, 1991.

The ZFU decides on the authorization of all professional distance and online courses. Without an authorization, courses must not be distributed or promoted. The continuation of the authorization is examined regularly by the agency. Also changes to existing courses need prior authorization by the ZFU. Violating the law are punishable by high monetary penalties.

The OSM's certificate program is state-authorized by the ZFU with authorization number 7292015.


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