MX Module

Project Thesis


  • The project thesis provides evidence that you are able to independently and methodologically solve and present a relevant practical management issue by using the acquired knowledge and skills. Non-standard formats are possible upon request (for example video presentations).
  • The length of the document should be between 10 and no more than 20 standard pages (each with 1,500 characters including spaces, without directories, attachments, figures and footnotes).
  • The project thesis will be supervised, evaluated and graded by a tutor. The examination committee appoints the supervisor. You can propose a supervisor of their own choice.
  • You can register for the thesis when you have successfully completed at least 36 workload units.
  • The topic will be agreed upon between you and the supervisor.
  • Starting from the day of assignment of the topic, the time for preparation of the thesis will be 2 months. The thesis will receive a grade of 5.0 should the preparation time exceed 2 months. An extension up to 4 months can be requested if the examination candidate is working at the same time. In such case where the examination candidate provides a doctor's note that he/she became ill during the preparation time of the thesis, the preparation time can be extended for the time period that was attested by the doctor's note.
  • A project thesis can be repeated once with a new topic in those cases where the original thesis received a grade of 5.0.
  • You can object within two weeks following notification of the grade for a project thesis. In such a case the examination committee will appoint a second school lecturer to evaluate the thesis. The final grade represents the arithmetic mean of both grades that were given.
  • The grade of the project thesis factors 8 workload units into the overall grade.