How does it work?

From application to graduation


1. Application

The first step is to apply for registration. If you fulfil the entry qualifications your application is accepted. On the registration form, you select your course modules (at least 48 workload units) and choose your payment schedule.


2. Course start

At the start of the course you get your login details for the online campus where you get access to your selected course modules, the seminar room, and the discussion forums. We advise you to study the introductory materials on the online learning procedure.


3. Your studies

Course modules

In the next 12 (or up to 24) months, you work through your selected modules—studying the learning contents and examples online and doing the exercises (wherever you are and whenever you want to).

Case studies

You apply your management knowledge and improve your holistic skills in one or more case studies from many industries. By the way: You can select additional course modules and case studies to your study plan at any time.

Project thesis

In your project thesis, you apply your acquired knowledge and skills to methodically solve a practical management problem. Once you agree on a topic with one of our tutors they will provide advice and supervision. The tutor will also give extensive feedback on the thesis as well as grade it.


4. Exams

Each module—based on a course module or a case study—has to be completed with an assignment which is an online exam you can take at any time. A tutor will grade your completed assignment and give you feedback on your work.


5. Extensive support and communication

Throughout the program, whenever you have questions regarding the learning contents or administrative matters, you can ask your tutors or the students office. You can do this in our online consultation hours or write us an email. You can also use the discussion forums and networking tool to connect with your fellow students.


6. Your graduation

When you successfully completed at least 48 workload units (or more if you like) you can request your certificate and your report card. With your graduation, you have not only demonstrated to be professionally trained in your selected management domains, but that you also have extensive self-organization, motivation, and endurance. These are skills employers and clients appreciate from distance and online students. We wish you all the best on your career path!

The New Elite

"Online Education can […] be extremely egalitarian, but it is egalitarian in a funny way. It can catapult the smart, motivated, but nonelite individuals over the members of the elite communities. [… A] good education no longer relies on living near a major city."

Professor Tyler Cowen: Average is Over. Powering America Beyond the Age of the Great Stagnation, 2013, p. 190.