Frequently asked questions


  1. How do I decide what the right management school is for me?
  2. By which agency was OSM accredited?
  3. Is it even possible to study management through a distance learning course?
  4. What is the difference to other distance learning providers?
  5. I live in XYZ. Can I study at the Open School of Management?
  6. How prestigious and internationally diverse are the docents at the Open School of Management?
  7. How long do the studies take?
  8. How effective can I learn with the study materials?
  9. What about study contents? Do I have to learn a lot of things that I'm not interested in or don't benefit me?
  10. Support was rather lacking at the schools and educational institutions I have previously attended. What is it like at the Open School of Management?
  11. How much are the study expenses?
  12. I am currently taking training or am studying in another program. Can I be enrolled at the Open School of Management at the same time?
  13. What are the advantages of the distance learning method?
  14. What are the disadvantages of the distance learning method?
  15. What are the admission requirements?
  16. Do I need experience in management?
  17. How do I enroll?
  18. How much time pressure will be put on me through the distance learning studies? Will I be overloaded?
  19. How long does it take to work through a module?
  20. When do I have to hand in module and project assignments?
  21. What do I have to expect for the module- and project assignments?
  22. Are there times when I have to be present in-person? How often do I have to travel to the Open School of Management?
  23. Why do you charge fees for the studies?
  24. Are the tuition fees tax deductible?
  25. Will I get a job once I have my leaving certificate?
  26. Additional questions


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