Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning Journal – LRP – is a leader among international journals in the strategic management field. The Publication has forged a sterling reputation since 1968 for publishing original research. The Journal encourages submission of articles from all professionals involved in the field, provided each piece features theoretical or empirical research. Most Readers of LRP are from the academic world. Two primary functions are served by the Journal in that world, which are the transmission of useful ideas in the classroom and the transmission of research findings among various individuals who work in the field of academic research.

LRP also takes an all-inclusive approach to published studies based on data collection, empirical research and archival data. The Journal encourages submissions from scholars throughout the world. The publication has an impact factor of 2.111, with a five-year impact factor of 4.365 and is published by Elsevier.

Additional information can be found at www.lrp.ac.

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