HR Managers' Opinions


In our 2016/2017 Concept Evaluation, 164 HR managers from Australia, Canada, South Africa, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and United States reviewed Open School of Management's Certificate Programs.

The respondents were asked to sum up the strengths of the management courses in one sentence. We received 121 answers (with many doublings). Here are some of them:



In one sentence: What strengths do you see in the training concept?



High quality management training easily accessible to students.

Flexibility and breadth of study.

Broad understanding of management.

This training concept appears to be one of the most comprehensive I have ever seen.

Ability for self paced learning for people that are employed with the ability to collaborate with others outside of their immediate geography.

It caters for all types of learners.

A strong set of goals and well structured learning objectives.

Students benefit from case-studies and problem solving skills.

Excellent variety of learning methods and assessments used and excellent review to ensure quality.

Methodical, structured, comprehensive and easy to follow.

Almost infinite combinations of modules makes it a tailor made solution.

It encompases a broad scope of competencies.

Comprehensive, structured, and aligned with organizational needs in a fluid environment.

Accessability and immediacy - it is very adaptive to the nature of work and life today.

I like that it is structured to include many learning arenas from case studies to multiple choice questions.

Excellence in preparing generalists for the market.

It's a short intense program. I like it!

Lots of variations which means people can specialise in areas they are interested in.

Students participate in high quality learning situations, where participants are able to ask questions and discuss learning content.

Variety and opportunity to show skills in a range of different ways.

The learning environment is a lot more accessible than traditional study methods.

Well thought through and structured with measures taken to overcome the challenges traditionally faced with distance learning.

This training concept offers flexibility and detailed understanding of management concepts.

An overall view on management, with the oportunity to choose a specific field.

Comprehensive course with strong evaluation management.

Covers both theoretical and practical components.

In depth content with varied learning methods.

Thorough coverage of everything required.

It shows practicality rather than strictly academic learning.

Flexibility to manage time and course completion.

It allows quick and flexible learning.

The variety of course, and the breadth of the training offered.