Employers in the Nonprofit Sector


By pursuing a career in nonprofit management, you will have a plethora of employment options. Here are just a few:

Faith-based nonprofits

This group includes churches, religious charities, religious schools, and religious organizations, many of which have a long history.

Educational nonprofits

This group includes any privately-funded school or college. There are also many educational support groups for parents, teachers, and students. Scholarship funds and sources of financial aid hire managers, too.

Fraternal Societies

Sometimes referred to as ‘secret clubs,' with an exclusive membership, their focus is to benefit the members and the community.

Social Advocacy Groups

If you feel passionate about a cause, whether it's wearing jeans all the time or adopting a shorter workweek, then social advocacy may be for you. These groups fight for a particular cause that its members and constituents firmly believe in.

Professional Trade Organizations

Plumbers, electricians, farmers, and many other professions have a professional trade organization, with members across the nation. Usually, the organization has a headquarters, and that's where the management team is. Having knowledge of or a background in the field (e.g. farming) may be helpful.

Environmental nonprofits

If you love nature and look forward to being outside, working for an environmental nonprofit could top your list. Parks, national reserves, conservations, and nature centers all need managers.

International nonprofits

These organizations provide vital services such as disaster relief to both children and adults in the direst circumstances. Other services include human rights advocacy and child sponsorship. Usually, the organization's headquarters in the U.S., with smaller offices or staff in other countries, but there may be opportunities for you to live abroad.

Animal nonprofits

If you are an animal lover, you might want to look at careers as a manager in wildlife conservation, hunting conservation, zoos, and animal welfare groups.

Health nonprofits

If you or a family member have been affected by an illness or disease, you might be interested in becoming a manager at a facility that promotes the research, treatment or supports those who have that illness or disease.

Cultural nonprofits

If in your free time you love to wander museums, read volumes at libraries, or take in the theater, then a career with one of the arts may be perfect for you.

Business nonprofits

Due to their mission and tax-exempt status, some small businesses operate as nonprofits. These can be a great place to get started in your management career, or as a first job while in high school to understand how nonprofits work.