Small investment and high returns


Tuition fees are not only costs, but an investment which pays off in the future. And it's not only like any investment—it's the best investment you can make. Benjamin Franklin already knew: "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

However, getting an education costs money in more ways than one. Management education in particular is recognized as expensive. The Open School of Management shows that this doesn't necessarily has to be the case.

First and foremost we emphasize fair and affordable course fees.

However, often overlooked are the so called secondary costs of studying such as travel and accommodation expenses. None of these are applicable in our case as our program is completely a distance and online course.

Finally, there are opportunity costs associated with education. That means, in a regular on-site course you can't work and earn money during lectures and seminars you have to attend physically. The flexibility afforded to you by taking courses whenever it best fits your schedule allows you to do this outside of working hours. Just as with travel expenses you also of course don't have any time spent on travel that is not productive.