Module Overview


The program consists of a wide variety of modules. In each specialization, you have mandatory and elective modules which you can find in the program overview. You can freely select the elective modules according to your prior knowledge, personal interests and professional goals.

For each module that you successfully complete you earn workload units. The number of workload units  (1, 2, 3, 4 or 8) depends on the kind of module. You need to gain a minimum of 48 workload units (WLU) to successfully complete the course. You are free to gain additional workload units by taking more modules if you so wish.

Management is an applied science. It is profession that requires daily decision making, planning, organizing and leadership. This makes it especially important for management education to be both practice-oriented and theoretically founded.

At Open School of Management this means: As much theory as necessary and as much practical experience as possible. Our course is structured to focus fully on activity and competency. The subject matter is made clear through numerous examples. You can use projects as practical examples to apply your theoretical knowledge. Holistic management problems are solved through case studies.


General Management



Human Resource Management









Sustainability Management



Special Areas of Management



Management Theories



Case Studies






Final Exams