Career in Nonprofit Management


The professional field of nonprofit management offers a log of job opportunities. Here are just a few:

Planning Manager or Budget Analyst

This is a mid-level or senior-level role. A planning manager should have outstanding math skills, be able to explain complex ideas in a simple way and listen well. Some of the responsibilities of this role are:

  • Help to create an annual plan for fundraising
  • Plan, manage and explain the organization's budget to those in and outside the nonprofit
  • Forecast funding requirements
  • Develop and track fundraising progress

Human Resources Manager

This is a mid-level to a senior-level role within a nonprofit organization. To be a human resources manager at a nonprofit, you should care about people, be a good listener and speaker, and enjoy collaborating with team members. Some of the duties of the HR Manager are:

  • Recruit, interview, and hire staff dedicated to the organization's cause
  • Assist in conflict management and resolution
  • Provide new-hire orientation
  • Consult with nonprofit management regarding the organization's structure and future

Operations Manager or Director of Operations

Closely related to the finance manager, the director of operations also helps oversee the day-to-day finances of a nonprofit. Some larger nonprofits may employ both, while some may use only one, making it a hybrid finance-operations manager. While a director of operations can focus on supervising payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable, this role tends to focus more on improving processes and policies that are in alignment with the group's mission. The operations manager has some direct reports, sometimes including the finance manager. Operation managers need to be critical thinkers, good listeners, who ask excellent questions and take feedback before making a decision. Other responsibilities may include:

  • Assist in long-term organizational planning
  • Oversee daily financial operations and research how to make improvements
  • Assist in management team fiscal planning
  • Analyze how to improve the organization's effectiveness and efficiency

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager gets the group's message out to the public. In the nonpublic sector, this translates to creatively utilizing every mean possible to get the maximum free exposure. Marketing managers are social media gurus, write flawless news releases and don't shy away from the press. Marketing managers are a mix of outgoing, with a love of reading and writing. Some of the typical duties for this role include:

  • Develop how to showcase the organization to the media, potential donors, companies, and other groups
  • Foster relationships with the press and promote the organization
  • Regularly blog and post content to social media
  • Create advertisements and brochures