Business Education Made in Germany


Open School of Management is part of the iMove initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). iMOVE is part of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) in the Federal City of Bonn.

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Germany is a quality seal when it comes to education. This statement has been proven by its history and current development.

Germany is a country of virtues that go far back in history: The period of Enlightenment discovered diligence, punctuality, and courtesy as basic German virtues; in a later period, reliability, tolerance and justice amongst others joined its rich tradition of virtues.

It is no surprise that German products and services are still amongst the most popular and approved all over the word: For their essential attributes are quality, reliability, and innovation.

The field of education is characterized by the very same German virtues and attributes:

With a look back to Germany's history of education and culture, the period of "German Idealism", Humboldt's "cultural" and "educational ideal" as well as other notions of the nation's poets and thinkers on education and pedagogy, its richness of ideas and creativity becomes apparent, and is still going strong to the present day.

Today, German economy benefit from these old virtues and that spirit of innovation as well. Thus, Germany's social market economy with a strong Mittelstand has proved to be successful. Just a few examples:

Germany is Europe's economic driving force due to high employment and productivity; more than 99% of all German firms belong to the "German Mittelstand"; the "German Mittelstand" contributes almost 52% of total economic input, and it account for around 37% of the overall turnover of German companies. Last but not least: The German Mittelstand employs roughly 15,5 million people. That equates to approx. 60% of all employees subject to social security contributions.

Aside from these numbers and percentages, why is the German Mittelstand really successful? This question leads us back to old German virtues and attributes: Innovativeness, social responsibility, family ownership, long-term focus, independence, nimbleness, just to name a few.

The Open School of Management appreciates and combines these old German virtues in education with a strong sense of economic power and endurance. The ideals of German education open into different achievements that Open School of Management is supporting in every way:

  • The typical German dual training, which consists of schooling and training companies, is a worldwide scale for proper education.
  • The German "Dipl.-Ing." is a well-known and highly appreciated diploma in engineering worldwide.

  • Germany counts as one of the world leaders in distance education. The late co-founder of Open School of Management, Professor Schönherr, has received two Order of Merits for his achievements in distance education.

  • The first international quality standard for educational institutions, the ISO DIN 29990, which is also followed by Open School of Management, has its origins in Germany and has become an international standard.